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  was established in 2009 it has been operating as a retail travel agency business and, India, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and many other niche destinations worldwide, the business has grown steadily over the last decade and became one of the first if not currently the only independently online travel agency for abroad trip in the City of Mumbai,
   acts as a ticketing agent for many major international airlines such as jet airways, Air India, Pakistan International Airlines, PIA, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and many more. Over the last few years the company has invested in key marketing areas thanks to the emergence of ethnic radio and TV channels which have become a key advertising portal for businesses placed within the ethnic minorities in the UK. The success of the business has been laid down to its professionalism, competency and a positive approach to training and employment of industry qualified staff.

                Customers are able to book flights to worldwide destinations using their newly developed Internet booking engine and pay for flights securely using debit and credit cards. The company’s website has played a key role in its success over the last few years due to its prominence within the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have encouraged the business to invest in online technology and software solutions, the company has also announced the development of mobile enabled applications to help customers compare and book flights using mobile and tablet devices.

           In the past small travel agencies have struggled to keep pace with providing online technology and software solutions to its customers such as an internet booking engine (IBE), due to the very high costs involved it was only the large multinational corporations such as expedia and Travelocity that had implemented such solutions, however in very recent years smaller travel agents have been fortunate to be able to take advantage of the growing I.T Travel Agent sectors in developing countries such as India where costs are greatly reduced and savings are very significant, paving the way for small businesses such as to outsource their web development and other I.T projects at a fraction of the cost.

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biggest airport terminal in world, Best Airport Terminal In The World

world largest airport terminal 

                               Airport is a Place where airplanes and other aircraft take off and land and load and unload passengers and cargo Air travel has become the chief means of long distance transportation and modern aircraft provide the safest means of travel .Every day the world s airport handle million of passengers flying on thousands of commercial airplanes for business and leisure travel.
Big-city airport are busy exciting places Overhead planes approach the airport on assigned routes called traffic patterns. On the ground one plane after another takes off. Automobiles, buses and taxis pull up to the passenger terminal to pick up or drop off travelers. Thousands of people jam the terminal area most of them are travelers. Some are airport and airline employees. Other go to airports to greet athletes politicians and other celebrities and to meet friends and relatives arriving for a visit.

                 The largest airport resembles small cities. Many have hotels restaurants banks post offices and shops as well as their own police force fire departments medical facilities are important and useful for passengers and employees at an airport When lengthy flight delays or emergencies arise such service can become vital, Airports differ from other transportation terminals such as bus or train stations, in two imports ways (1) airports require more land, and (2) airports are usually located away from the centers of the cities they serve. An airport needs much more land to accommodate the same number of passengers as a bus or train station. A large bus station may cover about 9 acres (3.6 hectares). But a medium-sized city airport needs from 700 to 3,000 acres (280 to1, 200 hectares) the largest airport in the world-king Khalid international Airport near Riyadh, a city in Saudi Arabia –covers 55,510 acres (22,464 hectares). The largest airport, has an area of about 34,000 acres (14,000 hectares)

                 In the United States cities counties, states, or public counties, states, or public corporations own most large airports many small airports  are privately owned The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)licensee aircraft  and pilots .The FAA also regulates safety and sets certain design and operations standards for airports in addition the FAA operates air navigational aids and controls air traffic The Canadian Ministry of Transport licenses airports and aircraft in Canada more than 150 countries including the United States and Canada belong to the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations. The ICAO establishes standards for its members in such areas as airport safety operations and air traffic control.
Worlds 25 busiest airports                                                                                             

     1.       O’ Hare International  (Chicago )                                                                          
     2.       Hartsfield International (Atlanta)                                                                       
     3.       Dallas/Fort Worth International                                                                         
     4.       Los Angeles International                                                                                        
     5.       Heathrow (London)                                                                                                
     6.       Tokyo International                                                                                                 
     7.       Frankfurt                                                                                                                     
     8.       San Francisco International                                                                                   
     9.       Kimpo International (Seoul)                                                                                 
    10.   Miami International                                                                                                 
    11.   Denver International                                                                                               
    12.   Charles de Gaulle (Paris)                                                                                             
    13.   John F.Kennedy International (New York City )                                                  
    14.   Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County                                                                      
    15.   Mc carran International (Las Vegas )                                                                 
    16.   Sky Harbor (Phoenix)                                                                                                 
    17.   Hong kong International                                                                                           
    18.   Newark International                                                                                                
    19.   Minneapolis-St.Paul International                                                                          
    20.   Schiphol (Amsterdam)                                                                                              
    21.   Orly (Paris)                                                                                                                 
    22.   Lambert-st.Louis International                                                                                
    23.   Houston International                                                                                               
    24.   New Tokyo International                                                                                         
    25.   Logan International (Boston )                       

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